Welcome in Fos-sur-Mer

Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the harmony of old and new when they discover Fos-sur-Mer for the first time. 

Nestled between Crau and the Camargue, this quaint seaside town is steeped in local traditions.

Fos-sur-Mer boasts a wealth of natural and historical assets. Pristine coastline beaches, the large salt water lake L'Etang de l'Estomac, the mediaeval heritage of L'Hauture and varied scenery are but a few examples of what attracts visitors to Fos-sur-Mer.


Full name : Fos-sur-Mer

Population : 15 700 – Fosséennes and Fosséens

Land area : 92 sq. km (35.5 sq. Miles), 3.7 sq. Km (1,4 sq miles) of which is heathland

Coastline : 6 km (3.73 miles)

Industrial park : 7300 acres – the Mediterranean's leading port

Blue Flag award for marina and clean beaches since 1994

Fos-sur-Mer is part of an intercommunal agglomeration (Ouest Provence), which is a consortium of the surrounding communes and includes Istres, Miramas, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Grans, Cornillon-Confoux, with a total population of 100 000 inhabitants.

Fos-sur-Mer - Places to stay.

7 hotels

2 holiday residences


Wednesday morning : Place de la République
Saturday morning : Place du Marché



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