Countryside and wildlife

For true lovers of the outdoors, Fos-sur-Mer offers over 900 acres of magnificent hillsides. Trails wind through native vegetation such as Aleppo pines, Mediterranean oaks, tamarisk, olive and fig trees. The hillsides are fragrant with wild herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and lavender, and wild orchids are among the rare plants one may discover. There are abundant and diverse bird-watching opportunities with over 250 species identified, flamingoes and bustards may be observed.

Frequent rest areas along the route fit perfectly into the landscape. Archaeological sites can also be explored. 

Note : for reasons of fire safety access to the heathland is restricted during the summer season, from 1st July to 2nd Sunday of September. Access is permitted from 6 am – 11 am (on foot, horseback or bike). Access is prohibited during strong winds (more than 40 km/h).

Les Salins

The salt marshes are currently under renovation. The marshes attract thousands of migratory birds.

L’étang de l’Estomac

A saltwater lake. Promenades, hill-walking trails, panoramic table, kid's play park.

La Plain de la Crau and its Coussouls

Due to extensive grazing regimes over a long period of time, the Plain of Crau has become a unique steppe of France. Covering an area of 1161 acres, this rich grassland called Asphodeletum fistulosi by botanists, or « coussoul » by local shepherds, is an exceptional blend of rare Mediterranean plants.

The Crau is also the leader in nomadic pastoral sheep farming.

France's largest port

The Marseille-Fos Port Authority has a worldwide influence with 70 regular services linking Marseille-Fos with 5 continents and nearly 100 million tons of cargo are exchanged each year. It is also the only port in southern Europe that offers tri-modal transport via rivers, rail, and road.

The port's industrial park of over 22700 acres is located on the outskirts of the town of Fos-sur-Mer. Established since the 1960s, the park provides more than 40,000 jobs in sectors such as steel and petro-chemical industries.

For several years the town has developed the concept of industrial tourism and cruises are organised, permitting visitors to appreciate technological aspects with an extensive impression of the Port seen from the water. 

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